Nerd humor

I love science and physics in particular: it’s not that I think about it 24/7 but it intertwines with my life and thoughts and sense of humor. So here is a post dedicated to nerd jokes, staring with my humble contributions; let me know if you have the same nag and would like to share your creations with the outside world.

P.S. I can promise anonymity if you like 😉

“How’s life outside work?” “I’d like to form a binary, possibly a coalescing one”

For me chocolate is a quantum object: the higher its mass, the shorter its lifetime … at least in my reference frame 🙂

This scientific joke is pure romance! I found it online a while ago and don’t remember if it came from Howard.






From Superman/Batman #79-80 "World's Finest" by Chris Roberson and Jesus Merino

From Superman/Batman #79-80 “World’s Finest” by Chris Roberson and Jesus Merino




Created by Roz Chast at The New Yorker

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