Dear follower,

let me introduce myself: my name is Umberto Cannella and I like to define myself as a sociable physicist, that is to say a person in which passion and curiosity for the inner workings of physics are united with a profound desire to share the importance and the emotions of the scientific adventure.

This blog is based on my personal exploration of the physical sciences and reflects my twofold interpretation of them: on one side the charm of concepts that sound like science fiction, on the other their very fleshy appearance in everyday life. This deep connection will be highlighted by making use of words as much as graphics, imagery and video, that is to say in both mainstream and unconventional ways of communication. I find this a beneficial way of presenting content to a multifaceted audience that could find itself wondering: “who cares about physics today?”

If you are interested in my complete curriculum vitae please refer to my LinkedIn profile.
Last but not least this is how I look like 😉


6 thoughts on “About

    • Hi Richard,
      thank you for stopping by and taking the time to leave a comment.
      I’m glad you resonate with the style and content of this blog: feel free to suggest topics and/or more views.
      Talk to you soon,

  1. Ciao Umberto,
    God bless you, please go on sharing with all of us your gifts.
    Grateful pucci

    • Ciao Giuseppina,
      sono io che ti ringrazio per aver voluto lasciare un messaggio!
      Mi fa molto piacere che ritrovi assonanza con quello che scrivo: è qualcosa che sento, più che qualcosa che so, ed è per questo che condividerlo mi dà gioia.
      A presto,

  2. Grazie! Sono come un sordo che cerca di ascoltare Beethoven e cede solo muoversi gli strumenti musicali. .. senza la traduzione in volgare non avrei mai potuto gioire di questa grande notizia!

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